To get you started thinking about what you’d like to grow, here are two great growing calendars for the Valley:

University of Arizona Extension Vegetable Planting Calendar for Maricopa County (pdf;
Low Desert Planting & Harvest Calendar (pdf;

Here are a few books that can help you get started:

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible (Borrow: (Buy:
Square Foot Gardening (Borrow: (Buy:
Extreme Gardening: How to Grow Organic in the Hostile Deserts (Borrow: (Buy:
Desert Gardening (Fruits and Vegetables) Owens, David. (Borrow: (Buy:
Gaia’s Garden (Buy:
A Desert Gardener’s Companion. Nelson, Kim. (Borrow: (Buy:

Helpful Tips and Tools for Urban Gardeners